Why People Attend a Bail Hearing

The bail process is a court process that involves the release of an individual from jail pending completion of all legal proceedings. Bail hearings occur when a request is made by an individual to the court requesting that their release be granted pending the outcome of an arrest or other legal proceedings. Bailiffs are private individuals or companies that must be hired to serve at the bail hearing. These are court officers that are appointed by the court to serve at these hearings. When you are asked to attend a bail hearing you are considered to be in the custody of the bailiffs and they will report to the judge as to where you are.

How to Attend a Bail Hearing

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At the end of the bail hearing, the judge will assign a bailiff to physically go to your location and pick you up. You will then be expected to show up for your court date. In most cases, you will appear before the judge alone and provide all of the proper paperwork in which to enter your name into the court system for future court dates. There are a number of different reasons why people attend bail hearings in addition to appearing in person before the judge.

Sometimes there are a number of conditions placed on a person who has to attend these bond hearings. One of these conditions could be to have a criminal defense attorney by your side at all times during the duration of your bond hearing. A criminal defense attorney will work closely with you throughout the case to ensure that your rights are protected and that your rights are not being violated. Hiring a bail lawyer can help ensure that you do not violate any conditions of your release.

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