Who is the front runner for the Kentucky Derby?

Tiz the Law is already at the front, but that does not mean that they are going to win the race because it is postponed. When September 2020 competition is concluded, it will then say which horse is the winner or not. Tiz the Law is also in the pursuit of the triple crown. The top three horses in the nation for the race are in top gear and they are being trained for that.

If you listen to the gossips and speculations about the possible winner of that competition, then everybody has almost tipped Tiz to win big in the tournament. Since the win of the Belmont Stakes, many people have not given hope that this front runner is not going to take the top of that competition. It is a game of horses of the same age group and anything can happen as any of the three top horses can still emerge as the final winner of the competition. It is only a few months away.

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