What You Should Know About Car Towing in San Jose

car towing san jose

San Jose residents can get towed cars from various places within the city. In most cases, private companies tow cars, and the owner must pay for the service. Drivers who do not have valid licenses may be towed. If they obtain a license within 30 days of the towing, their vehicle will be released. Sometimes, the California Highway Patrol tows vehicles, too. In such cases, the owner must contact the DMV and file a release of liability.

Reputable Towing Service Will Be Willing To Offer You A Fair Price

A car towing San Jose company is able to transport any type of vehicle, from motorcycles to cars. Their flatbed trucks are the kings of moving vehicles. The services of car towing San Jose businesses are dependable and affordable, so they are ideal for anyone in need of a tow. Once your car has been towed, the company can help you find a new home.

If you are towed from your vehicle, you must pay a release fee. The amount may vary depending on your location. In general, a vehicle towing San Jose company will require a release fee. You can pay by cash, money order, credit card, or cashier’s check. Most tow companies accept cash, credit cards, and personal checks. You should make sure to call ahead to find out if the tow service in question charges extra fees.

The San Jose Department of Transportation has also improved its approach to vehicle towing. Public reports will now be investigated more quickly. Additionally, the Parking Compliance Unit is working smarter to handle these cases. Officers will take photos when reporting the tow. This is an excellent service that will have you back on the road soon. If you’re facing an emergency situation, call B.B Auto & Tow today to get the help you need.

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