What Types of Land Surveys Are There?

Land Development Surveys is required for a wide range of purposes including determining boundaries, engineering design, environmental assessment, planning for developmental works such as roads, sewers, housing estates, industrial complexes, industrial parks, industrial estates, etc. The purpose of a boundary survey is to identify where a boundary would need to be fixed in order to avoid legal disputes over unauthorised constructions on your land. You can obtain a boundary survey at any stage of land development. An independent surveyor will always carry out boundary surveys to check the accuracy of your boundary placements.

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What kinds of surveying services are there? Boundary Surveys: Boundary surveys normally require intensive research of the surrounding area and adjoining properties to identify all fault lines and loose corners. They may also need to locate any natural features that affect land developments such as watercourses, lakes, etc. Field work over adjoining properties to repair or replace missing corner stones or locate lost trenches is also often required. In addition to this, surveys may be required for the purpose of obtaining necessary information for the planning of any development project.

What are the main types of land surveying services? One of the most popular services is route surveys. This type of land surveying involves identifying a fixed set of land boundaries within a defined area. Two of the most common routes identified in route surveys include the easterly route and the southerly route. Usually, a professional land surveyor will prepare all necessary maps for route surveys. Route surveys may also be required for planning and mining applications.

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