What is San Pedro?

San Pedro is a plant in Mexico with medicinal properties, and many people use it for a variety of ailments. Some of these conditions include alcoholism, depression, and PTSD. While cultivation of the plant is not illegal, the extraction of its mescaline alkaloid is highly penalized in many countries. This has hindered the scientific study of the plant. Users usually take it in a ceremonial setting, similar to ayahuasca. They are not advised to engage in any strenuous physical activity during the time that they consume san pedro. In addition, they should lay down or sit down during the most active dream states.

San Pedro and Peyote, the mescaline cacti | Global Drug Survey

People have traditionally consumed San Pedro to cleanse the body. It is also believed to be useful for diagnostic purposes. It can be used by healers to determine the cause of an illness, such as rheumatism. It can also purify the organism by stimulating vomiting or diarrhea. A decoction of San Pedro may also be used as a topical poultice.

The traditional use of San Pedro was confined to shamans and other spiritual individuals, but this has since become a mainstream phenomenon. In the USA and Europe, its popularity as a hallucinogenic drug has increased dramatically.

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