What do men wear to the Kentucky derby?

Kentucky Derby requires special wears and men, as well as women, wear special wears for the tournament. Track casual is the custom wear for men. They wear dress jeans, as we as slacks, sweaters as well as pantsuits, capris, vests, and shirts with the appropriate collars. The fact is that it offers men the opportunity to dress up like women. The modern-day wear is slightly different from what it used to be in the past. These days some men attending like to be polished look and that is why they can dress in different attire such as the classic navy are well as seersucker blazer. You can appear in style.

Pants are selected because they are attention-grabbing. The shirt will add fun and the sun makes you attractive from a distance. The jacket is equally important because it is going to bring everything together. The tie is also needed. If you want to be like a gentleman, then you require the tie. There are lots of derby themed ties you can wear to the event.

The same thing is applicable to shoes. They are equally needed as there are some of them in the market that is made for that purpose. Which shoe you use has to be sockless. The other thing that you must consider is a hat. You can choose between bowler or fedora hat and that this will make you look great for the tournament.

How many races are in the Kentucky Derby?

There are 14 races in all. The race is to involve 20 horses and these horses must race through the road to that derby.

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