The Good and Bad of Temporary Employment

temporary employment

Temporary employment or temporary work refers to an employment arrangement in which the working agreement is restricted to a defined period of time either temporarily or indefinitely depending on the requirements of the hiring company. This arrangement is usually entered into as a response to the changing economic conditions. Companies will often need to employ staff for short periods of time until the economic downturn sours and they need to get those staff members back into their shops, offices and homes. In some cases businesses may have a requirement for temporary employees when it comes to filling gaps such as when a business is going through major renovations.


As well as being beneficial to all parties involved temporary employment has a negative impact on the labor market. There are thousands upon thousands of people that are looking to find part-time work but cannot find it because there are not enough jobs in the market. The problem with the gig economy is that while people want to work, employers do not want to hire them. This means that there is a mismatch in the number of applicants and employers out there. This makes the labor market in general less competitive and also has an adverse affect on the wages that are received by those who are willing to work- more info of travail temporaire!


This negative impact on the labor market has meant that temporary employment has become an increasingly popular way for many companies to access qualified workers. This is most apparent in the construction industry where many construction companies are turning to temporary labor for large projects including buildings and bridges. For the construction company the benefits of having temporary work available outweigh the cost of employing permanent labor. The construction industry is also very big on construction and renovation projects, so the supply of potential employees far exceeds the demand. By using a temp agency you will be able to access these candidates while the demand for them is high. However, using a temp agency can make finding temporary employment more difficult because of all the people looking for work.

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