Team and Volunteer Engagement

Team and Volunteer Engagement is a buzzword in the non-profit and corporate world. It has recently popped up on a few online forums as well. “Engaging the team and volunteer leaders,” says Abiola Oke, Executive Director of the African Women’s Leadership Network. “That was really one of our goals when we were doing our research. We wanted to look at some of the different ways that people were getting involved.”

Team and Volunteer Engagement; A Call For Upvote’s for Change

To further their research into increasing team and volunteer engagement, the Animal Welfare League of Arlington (AFLA) noticed a correlation between volunteer participation and community involvement. On one hand, volunteers were more likely to engage on a local level with a local animal welfare charity. On the other hand, they were also more likely to engage on a national scale. The findings of their report can be seen on their web site. According to the report, “Overall, the most common thread across our analysis is that volunteers who are more involved with their organizations, as a whole, are more engaged with their charities and are willing to give more to their animal welfare charity.”

Across the board, the survey highlights that organizations and donor communities prioritize the essential functions of volunteer leaders and managers over other forms of volunteer engagement. That is because these leaders and managers not only work directly with their assigned tasks, but they also build vital relationships with their volunteers. Leaders are necessary for building those relationships and there are several qualities of a great leader that are inherent in all great leaders. According to the survey, only four out of ten respondents identified one essential trait of a volunteer leader and only six out of ten respondents said they were familiar with this essential trait.

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