Lightning Protection for Tall Buildings

Lightning Protection for Tall Buildings

Lightning protection is lightining protection – Alltechglobal company crucial for any building and it’s especially important on tall buildings. While you may think that a lightning-proof structure is unnecessary, the opposite is true. This type of protection is necessary to protect from electrical storms and the resulting damage. When it comes to installing lightening protection on tall buildings, you have two options: a grounding system or overhead wires. A grounding system will guide lightning currents into the ground with the lowest possible resistance. The geometry of the installation should also be designed to minimize surface breakdown.

Lightning protection systems are a vital part of the construction of tall buildings. These systems use copper or aluminum cables that direct a lightning strike deep into the earth. Copper is the most conductive material and is therefore used for these systems. These conductors connect all lightning rods and the down conductors to the ground connections. They are extremely useful for protecting tall buildings from damaging lightning strikes. A well-built lightning protection system will prevent damaging lightning.

There are many types of lightning protection systems to choose from. In some cases, a lightning bolt can strike the ground without the grounding system in place. These systems are made to ensure maximum operating reliability. For example, electrical equipment and systems that require high uptime should opt for an LEC lightning-protection system. In these cases, the equipment and building will continue to operate safely. A properly installed lightning protection system can prevent significant losses.

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