Kentucky derby 2020 covid 19 Situation

COVID 19 is the worst thing that has happened to sports. It affected the dates of the competition, attendees and in most cases, it affected venues. Kentucky Derby is not different because COVID 19 has also affected it. Now that it is shifted to September from the original month of May. Secondly, it limited the number of people that are likely to watch that game. Inner parts of the venue or the paddock would not be entered because of coronavirus. In the same way, the social distancing rule is going to affect the number of people to gain access to the venue and watch that race live.

Because of these restrictions, it is also going to affect the revenue that comes from it in the form of ticket sales. Revenues can only come in the form of ads.

All the events that were scheduled for that race were affected. Some parts of the game were done while the remaining and the concluding parts were suspended, there is no doubt that this would amount to huge loss of resources. The other thing is that many people may not show interest in the game. For most Americans, the most important thing to them at this time is how to survive the pandemic which has already killed tens of thousands of Americans and thousands across the world. The least thing in the mind of many people now is Kentucky Derby. It is estimated that as the time approaches that many people the effects of the pandemic would be going down. It may even affect race events. This is one of the worst years for that race. That will not detract from the quality of the games. It offers the competitors more time to prepare and train hard for the two minutes game.


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