High Quality WordPress Themes For Real Estate

Homeland is a professional WordPress theme designed specifically for building real estate WordPress blogs with an updated, modern, flat styling and a highly minimalistic approach. It is the ideal choice for agencies and professionals working in real estate. This theme is great for anyone who wants to build a professional looking website that is geared towards attracting potential clients. It is user-friendly and extremely customizable, so even those new to web design can implement it easily.

WordPress Themes For Real Estate Listings – Hosting For Free

It has the most advanced features available in wordpress real estate themes templates. It uses the WYSIWYG editor and comes with many pre-installed plugins such as Better Bookmark Helper, Coupon Codes, Price Blueprint Pro, and many more. It also supports Moogment, Google Analytics, Expedia coupons, Open Office and Microsoft Word. The themes have been tested by hundreds of agents across the country, and the feedback provided is exceptional. Many agents found that the templates are easy to use and flexible to change as per need. In fact, many agents saw a drastic improvement in their conversion rates just by switching to this theme.

In addition, this theme comes with a fully searchable database which includes property listings for all types of properties such as commercial, industrial, and residential. It also provides customized meta tags to make SEO friendly changes on a per-property basis. One of the best things about this theme is that it is SEO friendly, and built upon the concept that the more data you provide the better your search results will be. It is a highly efficient and powerful tool for handling and organizing properties. It is also compatible with Google Maps and Smart Search too.

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