Dream About Water and What it Means

If you dream about water, you may be thirsty and need some refreshment. It may also signify your need for spiritual purity and intellectual clarity. The dream also suggests that you need to work on implementing good ideas and taking control of your life. Running water may also represent the fluidity of your emotions and the need for internal renewal.

Does water represent the Holy Spirit?

A dream containing running water may be a sign of a spiritual awakening, but drinking dirty water may also be a warning sign of trouble ahead. Drinking dirty water may mean that you are a sinner, or that your prayer will not be answered. In addition, it might be a sign of danger or bewitchment. In such a dream, you may recognize the face of the person who poured the water on you.

Dreaming of clear water may also indicate a desire for peace and clarity. The symbolism of this symbol depends on the culture you belong to. In the West, water may mean cleansing dirt or releasing emotion, while in the East, water represents life, fertility, and abundance. A dream about water may indicate an important moment in your life or reveal hidden fears or desires.

A dream about water can mean many things, from the birth of a child to the creation of a project. It can also signify that you are turning away from your instincts towards rational action.

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