Trade Recognition Service (trade training accreditation)

trade recognition service

The concept of the trade recognition service scheme is to allow a professional car fitter to gain a recognised professional status within the car fitting industry, by being able to demonstrate the skills and experience they possess and have undertaken, as well as being able to provide the customer with a high quality service that has been backed up with a proven system of ongoing professional growth and support. As such, before a professional auto fitter can be accepted into the scheme, they need to undergo a series of assessments that assess their trade knowledge and potential, as well as their suitability as a professional in the trade. Once these are assessed, then the relevant scheme allows them to apply for trade recognition, whereby they can show that they have the relevant skills and experience to work as a car fitter in the UK and have undertaken a comprehensive and suitable gap or training programme.


Regulation and licensing criteria. To be accepted into the trade recognition scheme, an applicant must: Be a permanently resident in the United Kingdom Be a UK company and employ staff who are permanently resident in the United Kingdom Be domiciled in the United Kingdom for at least one year of the twelve months preceding application Be registered or have an application made under the Companies Act of India (the CPRI) or the Companies Act in the UK Be accredited by the Commercial Acceptance Council for Training and Accreditation (CAT) Not less than two years of trade experience Demonstrate to the Independent Expert Professional Organization (IPO) that they have a continuing professional development plan in place. The International Academy of Engineering Applications (IAEA) and the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAIIM) are the accredited bodies in India that can provide professional references from organisations in the UK that may recommend an applicant to the Trading Standards Corporation (TSC).


Skill Assessment. Applicants are assessed on four broad skill areas: Specialized Knowledge, Self Represented Skills, Occupation and Experience. Applicants who have gained a relevant qualification in an upper level occupational field in any country, such as management, engineering or accounting and who demonstrate a relevant mix of knowledge, skill and personal qualities that are required to perform the occupation in UK are considered eligible candidates for eligibility to take the test. Candidates that successfully complete the Skill Assessment Test (SAT) will be sent an acknowledgement letter that will include recommendation letters from their current employers and a registration number. Candidates who successfully complete the Skill Assessment Test (SAT) may then be eligible to take the occupational assessment provided that they satisfy the eligibility criteria set out in the TESOL qualifications policy.…

Rural Builders Perth – Quality House Building For Less

Looking for a reputable, quality construction company in rural Perth? You can find them in the online directory. The Perth Company List contains all the rural builders Perth area for easy search and easy reference. Looking only for house building in rural Perth? Simply enter your location in the search box on the site and find out the names of companies offering house building services in your desired area.


The Company List is a complete resource for new and experienced builders as well. The website gives you a very comprehensive and detailed view of all the companies listed. You will find details about the company’s profile, contact information, services offered, portfolio, past projects and many more. You can also contact the company through phone or email for further inquiries. If you are in search of a quality house building company, this is the right place to look for it.


You can get some great deals on houses in rural Perth. The companies usually have pre-booked projects. So they are well prepared for your project requirements and ready to sign a deal. With their wide network of contacts, they can assist you in finding a rural builder in Perth with whom you can make a good business relationship for a long time. You can trust these house building companies because they provide quality construction and design, along with expert advice to make sure that your project is carried out as per your expectations.

All About Pool Shade Materials

pool shade

There are many types of pool shade available to you. There is a wide selection from aluminum to PVC, rigid plastic to fiberglass, and any other material you can think of. It’s all very well finding the cheapest option but if it is not installed properly, it won’t work well or look good. You don’t want your pool to be too dark or too bright. A little bit of sunlight is what we are after.


Custom-made Pool Sides, Cantilever Umbrella, or other pool shade structures are just a couple of the many options available. Whatever budget you have there’s a unique solution for your house. From low-budget options to some of the highest premium sun shading materials available in Australia, all will begin with the simpler less expensive solutions and work up through the various levels of sun control to the most high-tech and expensive options. If you spend a bit of time researching your needs, you should be able to find something that is suitable for you.


Pool shades can be used for any number of reasons: to help keep your children safe by creating shade on the hot summer days, to create shade for the pool at night, to help keep the eyes of small children safe from too much sun, etc. There are also pool shades which serve a dual purpose. Some are made to help keep people out of the water during the worst of sunlight while others are simply made to filter the sun out so that it doesn’t scorch your skin and irritate your eyes. When deciding upon the right pool shade for your home you should take into consideration your personal preferences as well as what will work best with your budget and your house. There are many options to choose from and with a little research you should be able to find a great solution to any type of shade situation.…

Pest Control Companies Offer Great Pest Control Services

pest control brisbane

If you have an area that is prone to insect infestation, it is important for you to learn more about the many services Brisbane pest control companies are offering. Brisbane pest control companies have the resources to effectively control most of the pest species that infest Brisbane including mosquitoes, arachnids, and spiders, all while ensuring you and your family stay safe from these insects. There are many companies in Brisbane offering pest control Brisbane services and many of them are even eco-friendly which is a great reason for you to consider using them. Brisbane pest control companies offer their services throughout the city and some specialize in northern areas while others provide pest control services throughout the entire city.


If you are looking for the ideal pest control Brisbane company to deal with your pest problems, you can use the Internet to find a good company to work with. Many pest control companies have websites that will not only give you information about them but contact information as well. If you prefer to deal with a professional pest control company in person, it is important that you also set up an appointment so you can see them and get a closer look at their work. This will help you ensure you get the service you deserve when dealing with any pest issues.


Brisbane pest control companies know the importance of working to prevent pest invasions in the first place and they take great measures to make sure that their work is completed in record time. They also use the latest technologies and methods to ensure that your home or business is free from insects and rodents. Some pest control companies have even designed new pest control products to get rid of pests that pest control companies weren’t able to prevent in the past. Brisbane pest control companies are professionals who understand the importance of protecting your investment as well as your family so you should choose one that offers reliable pest control Brisbane services.…

Essential Oils Afterpay

With the increase in demand for essential oils and the growing popularity of aromatherapy as a lifestyle choice, it has become more important than ever to have a source of essential oils after pay. Afterpay is an essential component in the extraction process of several types of oils including pure essential oils, eucalyptus oils, marjoram oils and citronella oils. This afterpay should be purchased from a reputable supplier who can guarantee a safe and secure transaction and delivery without any incidence of damage or destruction to the oils or equipment.

essential oils afterpay


When shopping online for essential oils afterpay always ensure that the website you are buying from offers a secure transaction method. There should be a toll free number available for customer support purposes. A toll free phone number should also be readily available and readily accessible from the website. If possible, try to see the supplier in operation and also in the local area. Many suppliers will provide demonstrations of their service before ordering the essential oils after pay.


When shopping online for essential oils afterpay always check the expiry date and label on the bottle. The oils are sold in small batches and as soon as they are out of stock, they will not be available to customers. Customers who have purchased these bottles of essential oils should store them in a cool, dark place and use them only as directed. It is possible that the oil may spoil due to contact with water or air. Essential oils should not be stored in plastic containers as they can oxidize and change color making them unsafe to use.…